Checklist for first response to a lab

A law enforcement officer, who discovers an operating clandestine drug lab, should immediately accomplish the following:
  1. Insure that all persons in the immediate area (including law enforcement personnel) are removed to a safe location. Depending upon the size of the lab and the amount of toxic chemicals being emitted this may involve evacuation of the neighborhood.
  2. If necessary, medical aid should be given.
  3. Suspects should be detained, or arrested if probable cause exists.
  4. Call for fire/hazmat to respond to the location.
  5. Do not attempt to stop the chemical reaction.
  6. Do not turn any electrical devices/lights on or off. The simple act of turning on an electrical switch may cause an explosion. In an explosive atmosphere even turning on a flashlight might cause an explosion.
  7. Do not shut off the water supply to the house or the chemical reaction.
  8. Establish an outer perimeter area and keep all unnecessary persons from entering.
  9. Call your nearest Clandestine Lab Investigation Team.
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