How to Stop Drinking on Your Own

Start Self-Help Thinking to Stop Drinking
Are you weak from an uphill battle against alcoholism and seek help to beat addiction to the bottle? If so, take heart and start feeling hope for a final victory day that lies just ahead no further away than your own head. The reality is that ultimate power to make positive change resides within. As human beings are creatures of habit, the only things that can subdue one habit is another habit.

Thus, the key ingredient in any Self-Help Recipe of Habit Breaking Success is strategic cultivation of a directly contrary habitual behavior pattern. For best results, that process should be two-pronged to address both mind and body functions at once.

Part I: Physical Activities

• Meditative therapy

Yoga can pull your head from the bottle by deflecting external stress inward for effective resolution instead of reflexive drinking ‘solution’. Concentrated energizing to focus mental visualizing restores naturally aversive responses to addictive substances.

• Musical Therapy

Listening to music is scientifically proven to soothe anxiety and stress that suppress emotional cues that trigger chemical abuse. Medical facilities use mental therapy extensively to destress patients as well as relieve physical pain and muscle tension. These benefits accrue from musical beats that resynchronize brainwave resonation. Fast beats enhance mental concentration, while slow rhythms induce deep relaxation. Both effects have lasting impacts long after musical beats cease.

• Culinary Therapy

Besides curing boredom, cooking can fight anxiety attacks that lead right back to bottle. This occurs because cooking is a highly creative activity that helps destress the chef by engaging all sensory intake modes by touch, smell, taste, sight and sound of food preparation. Combined sensations offer instant gratifications with wholesome nourishment vs. destructive synthetic compounds. For vivid illustration, see the video flick “Julie & Julia” that depicts how protagonist Julie Powell literally reclaimed her life from verge of imminent destruction by cooking 564 Julia Child recipes in just 365 days.

• Homeopathic Therapy

Many heavy drinkers attempt ‘cold-turkey’ self-defeat by triggering severe withdrawal symptoms that seek prompt relief of delirium tremens in alcoholic beverages. Likewise, ‘part-time’ alkies or ‘binge belchers’ often need extra help for self-help intervention to succeed by mediating external cues that trigger alcohol abuse. Homeopathic medicinal remedies can relieve these negative side effects by cleansing the nervous system via natural methods. For nausea or vomiting, try Nux vomica. If you suffer extreme adverse emotional reactions, buy Staphysagria.

• Social therapy

Part company as quickly as possible by cutting sheets with foes in sheep’s clothes of drinking buddies whose greets and meets guarantee a gradual series of self-defeats. While it might be painful, it’s the right decision because addiction is reinforced by associative behavior. If you can’t bear to say goodbye for good, practice safe communication limited to all contact by a phone call or email. If your lifestyle requires frequent engagements where alcohol is served, just ask for a ‘virgin’ nonalcoholic version of whatever poison used to please by former abuse. Substitute water for gin on the rocks, plain juice for screwdrivers or pure Coca-Cola for Jack Daniels & Coke. Then sit back and party hearty with more pleasurable relaxation from sober celebration of good, clean fun for a refreshing change of pace – with no bad hangover taste.

Part II: CORE Mental Activities

The only way to lick a bad drinking problem is to nip it in the bud of fundamental gross-roots causation level. The basic factor that drives addiction is residual instinct to survive from days when any Caveman alive was quick or soon died. The brain is divided by two halves called ‘human you’ and ‘animal it,’ the latter of which resides in neocortex cells concerned solely with survival tricks of the mind to think it must drink to stay alive. Hence, in a very real sense, it deserves to be renamed “booze brain.” Pay close attention to a viable plan of attack on Booze Brain addiction below.

• C-ommit to Abstinence

When rock bottom is hit that triggers readiness with firm promise to “never drink again,” pause right then and there to become fully aware of how it feels. If the decision prompts guilt, anger, panic or depression, it’s just a false impression by booze brain suggestion to keep sinking lower by more drinking. This very early point of recovery leaves you vulnerable by dulled neurons kept abuzz by alcohol fuzz that impairs judgment and induces mental confusion. That makes it hard to rest for several days after taking a firm stance against booze. But the best prescription is reply by vivid description of the liar that booze truly is until it will finally loose in two or three days when you snooze once again.

• O-bjective Alcohol Perspective Adjustment

Believe it or not, Human Brain is much smarter than Booze Brain with no capacity to comprehend anything but devising whatever game works to begin drinking again. Thus, when Booze Brain calls, answer with a prefix affixed to its real name of ‘it.’ For example, “it wants a drink,” instead of “I’m dying for just one more shot of liquor.”

• R-espond Negatively When Thinking of Drinking

Always say “Never” whenever It’s siren song begins a call for one more round for the road already known well to be a one-way trip to hell. The more you resist, the less It will persist. Then tables turn on It fast that will finally learn to let sleeping dogs lie or die from overkill by sheer willpower in the very near future.

• E-njoy Liberation from Alcoholic Fixation

Among the first and hardest challenges to conquer is copy with daily life without alcoholic mainstay by your side. This is precisely why you cannot afford to be bored for a split second, especially if nobody else is there to lend a shoulder or listening ear to hear you whine in conversation rather than alcoholic hallucination. Discover or revive interests in a new direction toward full protection from relapse. Perhaps you once liked to tinker with antique cars or long aerobic exercise sessions. Whatever positive suggestion your mind can find is better than succumbing to self-delusions of grand illusions that reach wrong conclusions every time. Another good idea is to start a sober savings fund in a jar or piggy bank and watch the sum grow with each clean anniversary, whether every week or annually. This helps solidify mentally visualized rewards of liquor-free life.

In due time, dark Booze Brain miseries will fade into far distant memories when auto-CORE reflexes eventually kick in to defend. Commemorate each sweet victory by rising to your feet to stand tall with self-congratulations for being funnier, craftier and bolder than Booze Brain all along!

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