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Hashish, a dark, brittle or gummy substance, often sold in aluminum foil packets

Marijuana, discussed in the "Gateway Drugs" section, along with hashish and hashish oil are forms of cannabis, a tall, green, leafy plant. The ingredient responsible for the psychoactive effect (the "high") in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The amount of THC found in marijuana, hash, or hash oil determines the potency of the drug.


Hashish is smoked in bongs and in small, unusual shaped pipes

Hashish (or hash) is an extract of marijuana formed into a gummy substance ranging in color from gold to brown to black, or it is formed into a thick, dark oil called hash oil. Because hashish contains a higher concentration of THC than marijuana, hash and hash oil are more potent and are sold and used in smaller quantities. Hash is most often packaged in aluminum foil, and hash oil is stored in small vials. As with marijuana, both hash and hash oil are smoked in pipes, but they may also be mixed with tobacco in cigarettes or pipes; thus, the paraphernalia associated with hash and hash oil is the same as for marijuana: pipes, bongs, rolling papers, roach clips, and stash boxes. Hash and hash oil also have a very strong, pungent odor when smoked. The effects of hash and hash oil are similar to marijuana, but can be more intense because of its higher concentration of THC.
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