PCP is applied to cigarettes or marijuana and smoked

Phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP, is the most dangerous of the hallucinogens. It is sold on the streets under at least fifty other names that reflect its range of bi zarre and volatile effects. Included in those names are angel dust, supergrass, killer weed, K J, embalming fluid, rocket fuel and sherms. In some areas of the country, it is called crystal (not to be confused with methamphetamines). PCP is sometimes passed off as other drugs such as mescaline, LSD, THC, or cocaine.

In its pure form, PCP is a white, crystalline powder that readily dissolves in water. Most PCP is manu- factured in makeshift laboratories containing contaminants that cause the drug's color to range from tan to brown and the consistency from powder to a gummy mass. It is seen most often in powder or liquid form, and is commonly applied to dark brown cigarettes or leafy materials such as parsley, mint, oregano, marijuana, or tobacco, and then smoked. When in its liquid form, PCP is packaged in small vials or other small glass containers.

If your child is under the influence of PCP, he or she may show many of the signs of LSD use, such as appearing detached from reality or estranged from his or her surroundings. Other symptoms include rapid and involuntary eye movement, an exaggerated walk, numbness, slurred speech, blocked speech, and a loss of coordination.

PCP is unique because of its power to produce psychosis indistinguishable from schizophrenia. It can cause extraordinary strength, a sense of invulnerability, and extreme image distortion. The user may become violent, causing injury to himself or others. Although such extreme psychotic reactions are usually associated with repeated use of the drug, they have been known to occur in some cases after only one dose. As with LSD, if your child is under the influence of PCP, he or she should be closely supervised so they do not harm themselves or others.

PCP episodes, or flashbacks, may occur long after the drug has left the body.
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